At Nex Teknoloji we differentiate ourselves in the industry not only by our product and service sales, but also by the valuable trainings we provide to our customers. We believe that technology mastery plays a key role in the success of businesses. For this reason, we enable you to discover the power of information technology with our training programs specially designed for you.

Nex Teknoloji Training Programs:

  • Basic Technology Trainings:

We organize basic technology trainings to make your business processes more efficient and productive. By ensuring that your team is aware of the latest technology topics, we increase your business's competitive advantage.

  • Product and Service Trainings:

With detailed trainings on our hardware and software products, we enable you to use our products in the best way possible and fully explore their potential. Thus, we contribute to getting the maximum return on your investment.

  1. Security and Data Protection Trainings:

With the trainings we organize to raise the cybersecurity of your business to the highest level, we raise awareness of your employees against cyber threats. We strengthen your data security by creating a secure business environment.

  • Custom Solutions Trainings:

With the trainings we design specifically for the needs of your business, we enable you to use our customized solutions in the most effective way possible. We support you in increasing your competitive advantage by making your business processes more efficient.

  • Continuous Support and Consultancy:

We are with you even after the training. We provide continuous support and consultancy to answer your questions, find solutions to the challenges you face, and integrate technology into the success of your business.