Dear Customers,

As Nex Teknoloji, we take our expertise in hardware and software sales in the field of information technologies one step further. With the managed services we offer you, we help you create a more effective and efficient working environment by facilitating the technological infrastructure of your business.

Nex Teknoloji Managed Services:

Multi Cloud Management:

Nex Teknoloji's Multi Cloud Management solutions allow you to manage applications from different cloud providers from a single interface. In this way, you can control your cloud environments more efficiently, optimise costs and increase security. Cloud management is now easier and more effective with Nex Technology.

Cloud Monitoring:

With Nex Teknoloji's Cloud Monitoring solutions, you can monitor, analyse and report the availability and performance of your websites, servers, applications and other cloud infrastructures. Easily monitor and effectively manage your cloud-based systems with Nex Teknoloji.

Cloud Security:

Nex Technology Cloud Security offers comprehensive protection for cloud workloads and applications by providing state-of-the-art security in different cloud environments and development platforms. It effectively protects threat surfaces with automated and consistent security solution. It is a set of control-based protection and technology protection solutions designed to protect resources stored online from leakage, theft or cloud data loss.

Zero Trust Security:

Nex Technology Zero Trust Security ensures that all assets are verified before granting access to businesses, regardless of any device or location. This approach restricts movement within the network, reduces the risk of threats and minimises the impact of breaches by strengthening the security posture.

System Health Check:

Nex Teknoloji's System Health Check service evaluates the health and performance of your cloud infrastructure to ensure that it runs smoothly. It comprehensively reviews its various aspects, identifies current problems and predicts future problems. Thus, it gives your business confidence and provides a rich insight.

Public Cloud Management:

Nex Technology's Public Cloud Management solutions work as an extension of your IT team, helping you design, manage, optimise and secure workloads in the public cloud. It meets the needs of your business by providing end-to-end support.

Cloud Migration:

Nex Technology Cloud Migration solutions help transfer all or part of an IT infrastructure consisting of components such as databases, servers and network equipment from on-premises to cloud environments. It facilitates this transition by providing end-to-end support.

Sensitive Data Discovery & Protection:

Nex Technology's Sensitive Data Discovery & Protection solution helps businesses identify, locate, monitor, classify, analyse and respond to sensitive or confidential information in their data environment. This solution ensures data security, improves compliance with data protection regulations and supports effective risk management.

Application Integration:

Nex Technology's Application Integration service connects disparate applications, overcoming data silos and providing businesses with enhanced capabilities and insights. This service facilitates the flow of data between applications and ensures seamless utilisation of data across the enterprise.

DDos Attack Prevention Service

Nex Technology's DDoS Attack Prevention Service protects your network infrastructure and services uninterruptedly while under any DDoS attack. It automatically blocks fake traffic and requests from malicious bots without interfering with legitimate traffic sources. This solution provides a multi-layered security.

Database Management:

Nex Technology's Database Management solutions ensure that the increasing amount of data your business collects performs optimally. With these solutions, you can make all your data analysis and business intelligence efforts seamless.

Cloud Optimisation:

Automate operations and optimise resource consumption and spending costs by complying with cloud governance standards with Nex Technology Cloud Optimisation solutions.

Managed Security Service:

Nex Teknoloji Managed Security Service offers a comprehensive cyber security solution that protects businesses against cyber threats 24/7. By facilitating daily security operations, it helps businesses focus on their main goals and increase their operational agility.

Database Migration Service:

Nex Teknoloji Database Migration Service helps you migrate your databases to Nex Teknoloji safely and seamlessly. The source database remains fully operational during the migration process, minimising downtime for applications that rely on the database. This service migrates your data to the most widely used commercial and open source databases.